Dallas-Ft. Worth
October 22 - 28, 2018
Locally targeted banner and pre-roll display ads run on Local Internet sites.
1OutbrainBusiness & Consumer Services100.0
2Ennis FordCars & Trucks, Local Dealers44.7
3Jay Marks Real EstateReal Estate Agents, Agencies & Brokers19.4
4CrossPoint BankBanks-Credit Unions-Mortgage-Finance Svc19.3
5Elsey & Elsey LawLegal Services19.2
6The Nosey DogPets, Pet Supplies, Services & Medical19.1
7NextGen CounselingCounseling Services19.0
8Lone Star Film FestivalAmusements & Events10.1
9May's RVRV Sales - Service - Campgrounds7.8
10PointBankBanks-Credit Unions-Mortgage-Finance Svc7.7

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